Creating more happiness in your life

Homeopathy & Healing

Healing room and school SPARKLES

  • Theta healing and Homeopathy Sessions are available in English.
  • Online (Zoom) sessions
  • Salon room has moved to Tamachi area from April 2023 (women only)
  • Paypal payment is available.

Please contact me for the details.

Theta healing sessions

Homeopathy sessions

3-month-program “Sparkles”

Made-to-order healing jewelries

“Changing your life by taking good balance in body, mental/emotions, and spirit, and start loving yourself. “

Do you feel that your life has been going well?
Is there anything that you want to achieve, get, or solve?
What if you can get everything you wish?

“That’s impossible!”
“What would the others think of me, if that happens?”

Without knowing, we have so many thought patterns in our subconscious mind. We don’t usually even notice as it is in “the subconscious “ level.

It can be some collective consciousness which is called “common sense” or “common knowledge”, something that we genetically inherited, or something we created in our past lives….etc!

These thought patterns play a big part of our life, especially in making choices.
It can even cause illnesses, accidents, dramas, and injuries! It can block manifestation of our dreams.

What is your true wish, that your spirit desires?
There are ways to achieve it, and its gentle, easy and fun!

When you start living along with your true spiritual wish, you will notice that life is filled with happiness and joy.

I am very happy to help you through your journey to the true happiness.

With love and gratitude,