About Yukiko.


Thank you for visiting my website.

I named my salon and school “Sparkles” from the words of Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing.

“We all are a part of the creator’s sparkles.”

I offer Theta healing sessions and seminars in English and Japanese, all over the world. (Based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

I first met Homeopathy in UK in 2005, when I was struggling to raise my daughter who is one of the rainbow children.

Homeopathy taught me how our mind set, emotions, and mental condition affect our body condition, and vice versa.

Homeopathic technique and philosophy helped my own and family’s life a lot, and I believe that looking at a person as a whole, and being balanced in every aspect is important.

During my studying homeopathy, I lost my father.

And I started to develop a desire to move back to Japan. To think about it now, I did the manifestation very well, perhaps with some invisible supports, and we moved back to Japan in 2011.

Then I devoted myself to raise my children who have 2 nationalities and internationally cultured. In the meantime, I came to find “Law of attraction” , “Tarology” (Tarot cards philosophy ), and Theta Healing.

Especially, Theta Healing changed my life, and made me realize how it is like to live with my true soul purposes, freedom, and joy.

Living in the world with people I love, that understand each other, co-create fun, and progress together, is amazingly easy and filled with so much laughter.

My mission and dream are to expand this to the world.

If you are interested, come and join us!!

Let’s start creating a good time here on the mother earth.

With love and gratitude,



Born in Matsumoto city, Nagano pref, Japan.

Raised in Utsunomiya city , Tochigi pref, Japan.

Moved to Tokyo to attend a college.

Worked as an International flight control at Narita international airport.

Studied English in UK.

Worked in the City, London.

Started a family in UK, then found many kinds of alternative medicines.

Studied Homeopathy at CHE, graduated with BSc, hons., in 2009.

Moved back to Japan in 2011.

Studied Tarology (Tarot philosophy), and Theta healing®︎.

Trained and qualified as an instructor by Theta Healing®︎ in Kobe 2020.

Certified as a Science & Master Instructor by Theta Healing®︎ in 2023.


  • Homeopath ,( BSc, hons, UK 2009)
  • Theta Healing®︎ Practitioner (Healer)
  • Theta Healing®︎ Master & Science Instructor
  • Wire Jewelry Designer & Instructor (WJDA)