Theta Healing is a great healing technique which was founded and systemized by Vianna Stival in Montana, USA. Theta Healing could deal with most of problems that we human beings can possibly have, and it has been growing all over the world.

-Manifestation of your dreams and desires

-Relationships (Family, friends, partnership, colleagues etc)

-Diseases and disorders in body, mind and spirit

-Work life

-School life


We believe there is a big energy of creation in the universe, which is made by pure unconditional love.

We call it “Creator of all that is”. Some people call it in different names, but we believe that we are talking about the same energy.

By using theta healing’s original meditation method, we , practitioners, turn our brain into “theta” wave state. This allows us to connect to “the Creator of all that is,” and makes it possible to cause “Healings”.


Theta healing sessions are available in English.

By conversations/counsellings, I will try to find out what/how the cause / block is creating your problems in your life, which laying in the subconscious level, and release these thought patterns(blocks and causes) which aren’t serving you any more, using the theater healing techniques.

Also, we will find out what your spirit desires, and download some useful energies from the universe/ Creator of all that is.

I will do my best to help and support to create a true happiness in your life, together with the energy of creation.

・Face to Face session

・Online session

60mins ¥21,000

90mins ¥27,000

Face to face session : At Hiroo, Tokyo. Details will be sent upon booking.

Extension : Available depending on schedule for both “Face to face” & “Online” sessions.

For details, Please feel free to contact me.


When you want to change your life quickly and strongly, this program is recommended.

It will be very worthy 3 months to start changing your life to more fulfilled one.

I will support you through your journey, using both theta healing philosophy and technique, and homeopathy.

Very good price reduction is applicable at the moment. Please contact!

[This program includes]
-6 x 60mins healing sessions (within 3 months period) plus 3 x homeopathy sessions with remedies
-Messaging any time using LINE (I will usually reply within 48 hours) for 3 months.

[Price] ¥20,3000 → Please ask!

For details, Please feel free to contact me.